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Supported Yoga

This is NOT your grandma’s chair yoga class but rather an active yoga class consisting of both seated and standing movements. This class is open to everyone from the beginner learning the fundamentals or the student recovering from injury or for anyone with movement restrictions or difficulties putting weight on their hands and wrists. We begin with 5 minutes of centering followed by 15 minutes of seated movements and 35 minutes of very ACTIVE standing poses. Finally, we end with 5 minutes of silent relaxation.


Strength Training with Dumbbells & Resistance Bands

Class begins with a warmup including a little yoga followed by a total body strength training session using dumbbells and resistance bands and ends with cool down yoga stretches and breath work. Appropriate for all levels.

Gina DuBois Yoga Pricing
My signature class!

Yoga for Strength & Stability

A vinyasa-based flow class with a focus on building strength, stability, and mobility at a moderate pace. Expect to push, pull, hinge, squat, and rotate, all in the context of yoga. You’ll be safely challenged, work hard, and sweat a bit but sequences will include options and modifications to accommodate different levels. Expect to make many transitions between the floor and standing.  This class is not recommended for those brand new to yoga or with significant movement restrictions. Advanced beginner to intermediate yoga experience recommended.


Outdoor Walking & Running Workout Series

A series of outdoor cardiovascular workouts designed to elevate your heart rate, increase your cardiovascular efficiency, and boost your endurance. Classes begin with a warmup walking routine including activation drills to awaken and ready our muscles for timed walking or running intervals with 1-minute recoveries in between. Cool down can include strengthening exercises, yoga stretches and/or breathwork depending on the specific class. We meet at the Rotary Pavilion/Rail Trail entrance on Old New Paltz Rd, Highland. Weather permitting.

Beginner + Beyond

Yoga for Mind & Muscle Recovery.

This is a gentle class designed to target the tightness, stiffness & soreness you may experience from living an active lifestyle as well as for those who need to get their bodies gently moving again. Movements are designed to increase flexibility, restore mobility, and relax and rejuvenate the body and mind. Students must be comfortable working on the floor as well as transitioning from the floor to standing.


Lunch Time Guided Meditation

Take a 15 minute break out of your day to reduce stress & anxiety. Live or prerecorded everyday at 12:30 pm.

Intermediate + Beyond

Release and Restore

Class begins with light & gentle yoga sequences to relieve tightness and create space in the mind & body in preparation for a restorative practice of several prop-supported yoga poses held for approximately 5-8 minutes each. All of which will lead to greater self-awareness, reduced fatigue and stress, a more balanced nervous system, improve overall healing, and an immunity boost. Appropriate for all levels but students must be comfortable lying on the floor.

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